About Us

Your Benefits Group has been serving individual families and companies in Orange County and Southern California for over 25 years.

OUR GOAL: Empower Americans and their families by providing more intelligent, quality Health coverage at the most competitive price.


Focus relentlessly to maximize benefits, and minimize the cost for our customers. Integrity – Always do the right thing for our clients. Educate our customers so they can make the best decision. Respect the privacy of our customer’s personal information. Customize a plan for every customer leveraging our innovative strategies. Establish life long, win-win relationships with our customers.

Mike McCormick – Founder/CEO

Mike Lancaster – General Manager

Veronica Castillo – Customer Service Manager

How We Work to Maximize Benefits while Minimizing the Cost for our Clients:

1st – we do a custom search of all the major carriers that offer plans in the
client’s local zip code area.

2nd – we narrow down approximately 840 plans by custom filtering specific criteria that the prospective client considers important. A preference that most clients usually specify is plan design which can either be a HMO, PPO or HSA. We then focus on the most affordable top 20 to 30 plans that meet the client’s criteria.

3rd – we look into the specific details of each of the final 20-30 plans and pick out 3 to 5 that have the most favorable specific benefits for this particular client. We then compare the following features:

  • Out-of-pocket maximums
  • Deductibles
  • Hospital copays
  • Urgent Care and ER copays
  • Drug coverages on three levels – Generic, Brand and Non-Formulary
  • Physician and Hospital networks – ensures that the Family Doctors are covered

Lastly, we will run the 3 to 5 plans through our multi-benefit inspection to make sure they pass. Those that do are then sent to the prospective client for review and final decision.

No matter which final plan is chosen by the client they can rest assured that it will be a very good fit in terms of coverage and affordability.